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Opportunity ISA Calculator

College Possible Minnesota/Wisconsin (Summer 2018 and Academic Year 2018-19)

Your ISA Terms

The table below shows how Opportunity ISA funding compares to a for $, assuming a term length of years.

Private Loan Interest Rate


Opportunity ISA funding
What is my obligation? You pay % of your income each month. (See payment scenarios). You pay $ if you earn a higher income, and $ if you earn a lower income. (Why?).
How long is my obligation? Finished after years of payments regardless of how much you have paid. For periods of low earnings (such as graduate school) term can extend, but no more than five years. Finished after 10 years if all payments made as scheduled. However, term can extend indefinitely if principal and interest not fully paid.
Accrues interest? No. ISAs are not loans, so they do not accrue interest. Yes. If payments are deferred during school or during a hardship, interest accrues and the amount to be repaid grows.
What if I’m unemployed? No obligation when you’re earning below $20,000, and no interest accrues. custom text
Cosigner required? No. Custom text
Credit score? Credit score not a factor; however, significant adverse credit events can affect eligibility. Custom text
Can I prepay? Yes, see prepayment schedule. Yes, pay principal and interest.
Is there a cap on how high my payments will go? Yes. In any given year, the income share is assessed on income up to a certain cap; see income caps. No, your payments increase when you accrue unpaid interest.
Minimum funding size in order to be eligible? $. Varies.
These numbers are estimates based on projections of the potential earnings for someone at your school, in your major, and at your grade level.

Monthly Payments

The table below shows what your monthly payments would be under an Opportunity ISA as well as a .

Income after school is:

Payment type:

Year Scenario Hypothetical income2 ISA monthly payment Fraction of income that goes to ISA payments Loan monthly payment3 Fraction of income that goes to loan payments
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Comparison Loan

Private Loan Interest Rate1


1 The default private student loan interest rate reflects the approximate average of the lowest and highest fixed-rate interest rates under the Sallie Mae Bank Private Education Smart Option Student Loan (as of May 31, 2018).

2 Your payment levels depend on how much you earn after school; therefore, the table is shown for three different levels of income that roughly reflect what someone at your institution, in your grade level, and in your program of study might earn after school. These examples are simply estimates of what you could expect to pay and could change as our data sources and forecasting methods are updated. In addition, your actual income and thus payments may differ significantly from these examples.

3 The comparison loan is a with an interest rate of . The monthly payment is calculated assuming a term length of 10 years. We assume the loan goes into forbearance when your income is below $20,000; in this case you would have no monthly payments for the year but the loan would continue to accrue interest during that time.